People Plan Toronto Identity and Website Redesign

PPT is a grassroots citizen organization that advocates for better urban planning and promotes a strong community voice in the planning process. However, this mission is not served as well as it could be by their existing identity and website.
This was a self initiated/charity project.

- A Flexible Identity that Emphasizes the 'People' in People Plan Toronto -

When people get together to develop better places to live, the fruits of that collaboration can sometimes be an unexpected surprise. In the same way, the circular faces of the logo are designed to work in a variety of playful configurations, to both symbolize the diversity of Toronto's neighborhoods, and to make PPT more approachable as an organization.

(click/tap the image to see some of the possibilities)

- A Simplified Website that makes it Easier to Learn about PPT's Work and get Involved in the Process -

In the same vein, the new webdesign consolidates organization sprawl to significantly ease navigation. The design also embraces the group's preference for posting news and links using social media in order to focus the website on best presenting publication activities, and to promote upcoming events. (see larger)

- Improving the Accessibility and Readibility of Publications -

The group's publications are where it makes the most impact on government planning processes. The new design improves document readibility, accessibility for the visually impaired, makes content easier to read on a mobile device, and enables a more consistent user experience. With little additional effort, new publications are published to the site as web content (rather than PDFs).